INSpect GS

INSpect GS is a small, low-cost inertial navigation system (INS) designed to provide accurate navigation necessary for today’s complicated tasks. With a high-accuracy depth sensor, high-accuracy fiber optic gyro, magnetic digital compass, and Greensea's patent-pending OPENSEA™ software engine, the INSpect GS performs – even in difficult inspection environments.


Balefire makes ROV operations easier with a centralized workspace, integrated navigation, autopilots, and automation. Empowering pilots with all the data they need right in front of them, the Balefire workspace is an open and networkable operating environment. One-click mission execution, diagnostics, and alarm management are only a few of the tools Balefire brings on board. Now available as a turnkey enhancement for any ROV, upgrade, or new build, Balefire optimizes the largest work class vehicles to the smallest inspection class systems. Let Balefire make your job easier.


Endal brings vision to ROVs by integrating sonar data with the operator's workspace, vehicle navigation, and control. With support for most sonars in the industry, Endal provides a common forward-looking sonar interface application with control, logging, playback, and navigation integration. Endal also provides target tracking, feature-based vehicle positioning, and the ability to use sonar data for navigation. Integrated with Balefire, Endal revolutionizes ROV operations.

openSea SuiteOur patent-pending Open Software and Equipment Architecture (openSEA™) is a software system anchored by a core library. The library provides native support for thousands of vehicle devices, which gives stability to even the industry's most disruptive technology. It took us 10 years to build openSEA™. Now, it is the tested, trusted foundation of every system we sell.


ImageCustom Projects

Challenged by the integration of new technology or a custom project? We'll make it work — just ask one of our customers, like MBARI or ROPOS. Our team is made of hands-on problem solvers with years of field and robotics experience. Greensea excels in technology integration. Our mechanical and electrical engineers deliver custom integrations that work out of the box. No matter what you've got, we can handle it.